Why creativity?

Creativity opens the door to new ideas, new perspectives, and new solutions.  Engaging in a creative process allows us to tap into hidden reserves of energy within ourselves, and within a group.  When we enter the world of playful joy that is creativity, we open ourselves to new directions and new horizons.

And it’s fun!  When we are making new things, we have smiles on our faces, warmth in our hearts, and our brains are tingling with new possibilities.

We all have the creative impulse but are often burdened by day-to-day constraints and conventional ideas of the way things are supposed to be.  When we give ourselves permission to PLAY with an idea, to make mistakes without judgement, and to collaborate openly, we unlock our creative potential.

Along with the changing pace of technology, there are massive changes coming in our world and in our workplaces.  We will need to adapt our skills to meet the requirements of this new reality.  According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report (2016), creativity will be the third most required skill by 2020, up from 10th on their list in 2015.

Not only is creativity up on the list, but so is the related skill of ‘cognitive flexibility’.  Cognitive flexibility is the ability to quickly and easily switch between various modes of thinking such as logic, creativity, and problem solving.

Creativity is not just for artists and dreamers: it is a skill that can be practiced, encouraged, and developed.  We are passionate about promoting creativity within and with groups, so that we can bring our best selves to our lives, our work and our communities.