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The COVID Creative Bubble

October 2020

Well hello there creative friends.  It has been a little while since bcreative within has reached out to our community.  Life has been full and a pause was needed.  And here we are…

I have had this feeling building up for the past few months that I needed to reach out and connect with the wider world.  Perhaps it is in response to feeling trapped in a covid bubble?  While myself and the world have been getting adjusted to the realities of a global pandemic this past Spring, there was a lot more time for self-reflection and searching for purpose in our lives.  Aside from the fear and realities the pandemic has ignited in us all, there was also time for establishing what a ‘new normal’ in our lives would look like.  A lot of the new normal for me was paring down to what was truly important.  Staying active, finding creative outlets, reading to escape and explore other worlds, finding ways to support local businesses and appreciating the beautiful environment around me.  That was the positive side of me.

Summer moved along as we found solace in escaping outside and sharing time and (distant) space with our friends and family.  I was, however, also beginning to notice my fuses were shorter than normal, I didn’t have as much of what I refer to as, “the cushion of kindness”.  I know that this has been a sentiment shared with many.  That well of goodness and hope that we often tap into has seemingly dried up a little (or a lot).

Now with Fall here and children back in school we have a sense of (somewhat)  normalcy and routine that I recognized  I was missing.  Apparently routines give me a sense of comfort and security.  Who knew?  I started to meditate in my barn and meet with friends and old colleagues I had not seen in awhile.  I had finally found a glimmer of inspiration and mental space to think about how I wanted to live my life with purpose.  This has brought me back to why I felt  bcreative within was so important to me in the first place.  

If there has ever been a time where I have needed to be reminded of this, it is now.  So I am going to put myself out there, burst my virtual bubble (which is much safer), and try to ignite some inspiration in our creative community.  

Starting in November, I will be posting and sharing a daily creative task on our website and social media feeds. I am a fan of month challenges and who really likes November anyways, it’s the longest dreary month out there (in my opinion).  So let’s bring some lightness into our lives and help me to reignite our creative community!

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