We host workshops at various locations in the Niagara area.  Please visit our events page to find details and sign up for any of our upcoming workshops.

We also offer private customized workshops to suit your needs and goals.

Do you have a team you would like to inspire with innovation or encourage creative thinking and team building?

Do you have a group who are interested in trying something new, challenging their outlook on creativity and art or looking for a new and mindful way to tackle day to day stress?

We can help!

We want you to feel inspired in your life!  We structure our workshops with the sole purpose of finding the best way to inspire your creativity.  We are all born with creativity, but often in order to get through school and into work, this important skill is tragically suppressed.  We will help to guide you and encourage you to take risks and become more confident in your self-expression.  This is not an art class and there are no judgments or ‘bad art’. Our workshop will ignite your creativity and your inner playful self will be reawakened.

Suspend your judgement, surrender your inner perfectionist and allow yourself to enjoy the freedom of creativity in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

We tailor the activity depending on your group and goals, but here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Finding your creative voice through intuitive art making: 

These workshops are full of energy and focus on finding your inspiration by exploring your own personal inner creative voice.  Step away from expectations and preconceived ideas and travel a new path.  Be energized and surprised by what you create.  No two pieces are ever the same.

  • Becoming present through mindful meditations: 

Incorporating mindfulness techniques with creative activities such as mandalas, textile wall hangings and other meditative art exercises.  Bring your own intentions or find a focus to build on and create with purpose.

  • Moving forward with intention using creative journaling:

Build a new habit (or add a new dimension to your current journal) to destress, bring focus and clarity or simply document your thoughts, ideas and inspiration.

Contact us and we can put something together for you!