Our Roots

What do you get when you put an art therapist and an engineer together?

You get a discovery of new ideas, a shared passion for the creative process, and a collaboration to start B Creative Within.

Inspiration was found in many places, but we were both fired up by the following from Danny Gregory:

Solving problems, using tools, collaborating, expressing our ideas clearly, being entrepreneurial and resourceful, these are the skills that will matter in the 21-century, post-corporate, labor market. Instead of being defensive about art, instead of talking about culture and self-expression, we have to focus on the power of creativity and the skills required to develop it. A great artist is also a problem solver, a presenter, an entrepreneur, a fabricator, and more.

It is definitely worth reading the full text here.


Laura has been a practicing art therapist since 1999.  After finishing her training at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, she has worked in private practice and with various community agencies.  Always inspired by life, Laura continues her training in meditation and creative art techniques to fuel her practice. In her work with individuals and with groups, she uses art as a tool for self-expression, discovery, and exploring difficult topics.  She is a believer in the creative power of art to open up new ways of thinking and new paths to wellness.  Her passion and energy are contagious: before you know it, she will have a paint brush in your hands and you will be taking a risk and looking at life in a new way. 



Leanne practiced engineering for 15 years but is determined that there is something more that she wants to offer.  In addition to getting very good at understanding problems and processes, she has had a lifelong interest in learning, teaching, and coaching.  She wants to bring the best of her engineering world to the process of rediscovering our own inner creativity.  As a gymnast and kinesiologist, she always knew that mind and body were intimately connected.  She is now embracing the interaction more meaningfully through yoga, mindfulness, and creativity.  She explores the dynamic tension between art and science: there is more to be found in the interplay than in either art or science alone.  Creativity is a process and we only improve by trying, failing and trying again.  Embrace it!


Photo credit:  Infinite Expressions Photography